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We take care your business in Turkey

Our team and our office is ready to act as your representative office for Turkish Market on commission basis.

The Turkish economic market is large and offers great opportunities for foreign enterprises. However, for any successful business venture to succeed, companies first need to understand the Turkish business mentality and be aware of the different rules that apply when doing business here. As a representative office ,we identified this need for a service provider in Turkey that could help and support international enterprises to carry out their business operations here - smoothly and efficiently. We help foreign enterprises understand the differences and complexities of doing business in Turkey and assist them in navigating any pitfalls they may encounter along the way.

Why International Sales Representatives Matter

In order to sustain operations and remain profitable, businesses can either increase sales to existing customers or seek out new customers who want or need their products and services. Skilled sales representatives are responsible for finding these new consumers. For many expanding companies, their best prospects are in overseas markets, and to secure these new accounts, they rely on the efforts of international sales representatives.

International sales representatives are crucial links between end users and the rest of a firm’s operations. International sales representatives focus on finding new customers, and promoting and selling the company’s products. They will typically negotiate and write contracts, coordinate deliveries with production and distribution, and service their accounts.

Other duties may include conducting research on potential clients, staying on top of customer needs and changes in the industry, preparing reports for management, and resolving complaints and other service issues. Skilled international sales representatives can mean the difference between success and failure in the global marketplace.


MSEKER Import Export & Representative Co. is unparalleled in its kind in Turkey.

It is strategically built in order to allow Your company to expand into Turkey and the local markets.

By entrusting MSEKER Import Export & Representative Co.  to be your local representative, you benefit from the in-house capabilities of our team and our partner organizations, which allow you to extend your business development outreach, business functions and activities in Turkey. When you partner with MSEKER Consulting you get immediate access to an extensive Turkey based network of experts that becomes a natural expansion of your company and allows you to tackle any project that you need.

By using MSEKER Consulting as a local representative, you have a single go-to place for all your business needs in Turkey. We provide you with a consistent inmarket representation and support for you and your clients, assisting you with the challenges that come with entering the Turkish  markets. By being your local representative and ‘your men on the ground’ we ensure that you have a highly favorable initial and ongoing exposure to all local business services.

MSEKER Consulting preferred and tested approach to providing local company representation for TURKEY, by way of an Advisory Mandate for regional representation and business development, allows you to keep your fixed costs for local operations to a minimum.

As your representative, MSEKER Consulting acts on your behalf and in accordance to your strategic preferences, thus being in the front line and ensuring that all your needs will be met. We are actively involved in managing and coordinating your local operations and are committed to providing those services to the highest professional standards.

Based on the Advisory Mandate between your company and MSEKER Import Export & Representative Co, our core Business Representation Services can include and are not limited to:

* Coordinating and representing your business activities in Turkey

* Representing (and/or acting on your behalf) your company to local businesses, networking partners, ventures and other local entities

* Provide a range of services to assist you with building and expanding your local business

* Providing guidance, advice and recommendations for local services, thus eliminating bottlenecks and speeding up resolution time

* Providing guidance for navigating the Turkey business support ecosystem

* Providing a bridge to the multi-lingual business world of Turkey

* Helping with business integration and local fit


With our Business Representation Service you can expect:


Simplicity: MSEKER Import Export & Representative Co. will be your first (and often) only point of contact for your business activities in Turkey

Privacy: When you appoint MSEKER Import Export & Representative business representative you can rest assured that all our communications and joint business activities remain 100% confidential and secure.

Integration: With MSEKER Import Export & Representative Co. as your local representative, you are guaranteed to have the smoothest experience integrating into the unique Turkish business environment.